Have you been looking for a One-of-a-Kind gift for your beer drinking boyfriend? With these chillers all you have to do is freeze it then put it in your drink for a cold sip. No longer will your boyfriend have to worry about lukewarm beer or the watered down taste of ice cubes, with this awesome gift!

Laugh off stressful moments with the official BS button. Not only does the button light up when you press it, but it "calls it how it is," by announcing the BS in the current situation. Please note that this button may sound off profanities and thus may not be suitable for children or other sensitive individuals.

If your boyfriend is a gamer, then he will love this mouse. A bargain for the price, this mouse offers many features found on more expensive computer mouses for a much less than its competitors. Game in confidence with this stylish, yet feature-full gaming mouse made by Anker.