Let’s face it, boyfriends are often less complicated (in terms of gifts) than girlfriends. Yet, some people still find trouble when searching for a gift for their boyfriend. That’s OK, because we are here to help. In order to tell what your boyfriend really wants, we must first determine what kind of man he is…

In order to determine what kind of man your boyfriend is, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What does your boyfriend like to do?
  2. What does he spend most of his time doing?

Figuring out the answers to these questions may prove to be a difficult task. If it does, ask yourself two more questions:

  1. When is your boyfriend happiest?
  2. Does he ever mention activities or events that he is looking forward to?

Think about these questions for a minute (or more). Really try to remember your time with your boyfriend, how he acts in certain situations, and what he says when he is happiest. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that there are certain activities and/or events that make him happy, and these are the same activities/events he says he enjoyed or looks forward to.

After determining what activities or events your boyfriend really enjoys, think about what items he uses during those activites/events. If he enjoys indoor activities like playing video games, consider what he uses when he plays those games: a TV, sound system, video game console, accessories, and of course the games. If he enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, consider what he uses when he is outside catching those fish: a fishing rod, reel, lures, tackle, bait, and the list goes on…

After determining what items he uses the most in his most enjoyable (when he is happiest) or when he is most involved (what he does the most, it could even be work), you have discovered items that can be upgraded (like the video game console or a fishing rod), and thus seriously appreciated by your boyfriend.

The next step is to compare the possible upgrades and pick the one you find the best. Finally, give your boyfriend the gift. Congratulations, you have successfully given him something that he really wants!

If you find issues with this method, let us know! If you are successful with it, and your boyfriend loves his new upgrade/gift, we’d love to hear that too!

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